Hydrate For Health

The Hydrant

Already used in homes, hospitals and care homes across the UK, this unique hydration system can be hung, hooked or clipped on to beds, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, belts, day chairs…just about anywhere.

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The Maternity Hydrant

The maternity hydrant is a hands free drinking system for use in pregnancy, childbirth and whilst breastfeeding. Invaluable for keeping expectant and new mums hydrated. It includes a 750ml drinking bottle with standard cap/handle, sports cap/handle, drinking tube with bite valve and clothing clip.

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The Water-Drop

The Water-Drop is an innovative drinking system specifically designed for hospital patients, care home residents and vulnerable people in the community. For simplicity – picture an intravenous drip system that is used orally.

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A unique water bottle – solving the problem of reaching, lifting or holding drinks

The Issue

Dehydration is the biggest single issue in healthcare, and one of the main causes is the lack of easy access to fluids for people with limited mobility. Those recovering or receiving care in hospital, a hospice or at home who are unable to reach, lift, or hold drinks without help are at risk of dehydration.

The Solution

The Hydrant refillable water bottle solves the problem for healthcare staff, carers and patients, simply by closing the gap between the drinker and the drink. For patients, it delivers independence and dignity for those who would otherwise struggle to stay hydrated. It allows carers to accurately measure fluid intake and frees up more time for them to care for patients in other ways.

Why is it Clever?

The unique, patented, award-winning Hydrant water bottle clips, hooks or hangs using the brilliantly simple one-piece cap/hook/handle. It attaches to beds, chairs, wheelchairs, bikes, pushchairs, drip stands…virtually anywhere, solving a massive issue in a low-cost way.

BBC News Aug 2012

Watch The BBC Points West news report on Hydrate for Health's "The Hydrant".


“Thank you for The Hydrant that you passed on to me at this years’ Care Show in Bournemouth in April. A resident, who is solely dependent on us for almost everything, was delighted to receive it. It created independence as she had a constant source of water on tap wherever she went day and night. We have now placed an order for more so that more of our residents can also benefit. Thank you for this simple but fantastic idea. We will always have The Hydrant drinking system in our home.”

– Sue Howick, Manager, Winton House

“I am now recovering at home following a successful first phase of surgery on my back. The Hydrant seems to me to be a simple and innovative answer to a difficult, and in some cases life-threatening, problem in health care and I applaud you in finding such a simple solution. I hope you are having a good response from the NHS. In the last couple of years, I have spent quite a lot of tine in hospital and I can say that there is a great need for solutions in patient care like this to offset nursing shortages, and to help when things get very busy.”

– C M Singleton, Wing Commander RAF

“The Hydrant is a wonderful piece of equipment. It means that patients who were unable to get a drink without asking for help now have full independence at all times. It is easy to use, and has passed all infection control tests run by our Trust so we have no concerns at all about patient safety. It has hugely improved the quality of life for our spinal patients and as such The Hydrant should be a standard part of any hospital’s armour in the battle against dehydration.”

– Liz Evans, Nutrition Nurse Specialist, Stoke Mandeville Hospital

“I am a 56 year-old paraplegic T4 complete, and have been for the past 12 years. During the night, I need to drink water frequently and thanks to The Hydrant, there is no more knocking glasses over, fumbling for bottles, or the bed remote to sit myself up , tipping water down my neck, waking me and unable to get back sleep. Now I am almost drinking in my sleep what a great relief. I will place an order for another to use when driving my car, great product.”

– Julian Stalley

“WOW!! What a great product the hydrant is. I have found it invaluable as I am terrible for not drinking enough and with this it’s right there easy to use and I can tell how much I’ve drunk. Fantastic for in the hospital after the birth of my daughter 3 weeks ago and great while I’m breastfeeding. Everyone who’s been to visit has asked about it and thought it was a fab idea. ”

– Danyella, mother of two

“Just spent two weeks cycling round Cornwall with the Sports Hydrant as my extra friend on the handlebars. It just clips on securely and is always ready for a quick swig. After hundreds of miles across all terrain I can report that it’s secure, safe and (in all this mud and rain) much cleaner than the bottles ‘down below’.”

– Rob


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