Hydrate For Health

About Us

Mark Moran is the man behind Hydrate for Health and the award-winning Hydrant range. Mark lived with limited movement for months, following spinal surgery in 2005. He noticed how difficult it was to get enough to drink, with the jug and glass by his bed either empty or impossible to reach, lift and hold. In short, he was unable to drink without assistance and at risk of dehydration.

Having experienced the problem for himself, Mark was determined to come up with a solution. And so Hydrate for Health was born. After a lot of hard work, the Hydrant was taken to the healthcare, maternity and sports markets. And in April 2013, it won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the Innovation category – the highest accolade for business success in the UK.

The Hydrant has been recognised as a High Impact Innovation by the NHS and is used in hospitals nationwide in the UK. Studies into its effectiveness show a 35% reduction in length of stay and up to 100% reductions in urinary infections (a common problem occurring as a result of dehydration) and, in hospitals, a £36 saving for every £1 spent through use of the Hydrant.

Following on from the release of The Hydrant, Hydrate for Health recognised a need for an alternate hydration solution for short term hospital stays. From this The Water-Drop was developed. A new product that provides a drinking system that is measurable, efficient and economical.

Over the past decade Hydrate For Health has remained innovative and continues to promote the importance of adequate hydration throughout our communities. Hydrate for Health Australasia commenced operations in New Zealand in 2017. Our company director Alison Ward (Registered Nurse), working in conjunction with Hydrate for Health UK, is looking forward to promoting and delivering hydration solutions throughout Australasia.