Hydrate For Health


Dehydration is probably the single biggest issue in healthcare. It is also incredibly easy to prevent with the Hydrant range.

The drinking bottle can be hung, hooked or clipped anywhere and the drinking tube means there’s no more struggling to drink. Not only does this tackle the problem of dehydration in hospitals, in care homes and at home, but it offers independence and dignity to those who are less mobile.


The Hydrant range is used in hospitals across the UK and has been recognised as a High Impact Innovation by the NHS. Reports already prove that it is cutting cases of dehydration and related illnesses.

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Care Homes

Giving the elderly and less mobile constant, independent access to fluids in care homes not only offers incredible health benefits, but it also frees up time for staff to care for residents in other ways.

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In Home Care

Devices that ensure people receiving care at home are as independent as possible can save lives. The Hydrant ensures fluids are always available, preventing dehydration.

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