Hydrate For Health


Staying properly hydrated during childbirth, in recovery and if you decide to breastfeed, is of critical importance. However, it can be difficult to reach for drinks without help and with everything else a new mum has to think about, drinking enough often slips down the priority list.

The Hydrant hands-free drinking bottle  is invaluable for keeping new mothers properly hydrated. It is crucial:

The Hydrant is a refillable water bottle and is the must-have item on your maternity hospital baby bag check list. It is also eco-friendly and BPA free so does its bit for the environment.

“The Hydrant was an absolute lifesaver. It was brilliant to just grab the tube and drink. What a superb product! – every new Mum would love it both during and after birth… invaluable to those who have had Caesareans. – Lizzie, new mum.