Hydrate For Health

Hospital Staff

“I’ve been in trauma nursing for 20 years and this is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen.”
Squadron Leader Ian Slaughter, Officer Commanding – Nursing, Headley Court, The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre

“The Hydrant is a wonderful piece of equipment. It means that patients who were unable to get a drink without asking for help now have full independence at all times. It is easy to use, and has passed all infection control tests run by our Trust so we have no concerns at all about patient safety. It has hugely improved the quality of life for our spinal patients and as such The Hydrant should be a standard part of any hospital’s armour in the battle against dehydration.”
Liz Evans, Nutrition Nurse Specialist, Stoke Mandeville Hospital

“FANTASTIC! I currently have one patient using it and she is addicted and won’t let it go!! Being that she is young it has already given her some independence which is just what I hoped for (and you!) I will be ordering more and the tubes – I am also feeding this back at the next senior sisters meeting so look out for more orders as I feel this could be circulated to the elderly as well as the infirm.”
Hospital Ward Manager

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