Hydrate For Health

The Maternity Hydrant

What is it?

The Maternity Hydrant is a hydration system with drinking tube. Hang, hook or clip your bottle almost anywhere – attach the drinking tube and enjoy convenient, hands-free hydration wherever you are. The Maternity hydrant the sports cap/handle meaning it can be used hands free and on the go.

Why is it unique?

Who is it for?

The Maternity Hydrant is for new and expectant mothers. It can be used in pregnancy, during childbirth and whilst breastfeeding. Staying properly hydrated during these times is essential.

The benefits

The are various benefits to using The Maternity Hydrant such as:

How to use it

Step one: Fill the bottle with water or the drink of your choice and hang it from the bed, day chair, wheelchair or any other convenient spot.

Step two: Take hold of the tube and put the bite valve between your teeth. Then bite down to open the valve and suck to drink. The bite valve opens under pressure and closes when released, so there is no leakage.

Download Instructions for using The Hydrant

Caring for your Hydrant

To ensure your Hydrant is properly cleaning and to extend its life span for as long as possible, please read the following simple instructions:


The Hydrant range is unique: Patented, EC Design Registered, Trademarked